missed messages.

Missed Messages purports to be a “romance / horror story,” although I don’t know if I would necessarily call it either. There are moments of romance and moments of horror, but collectively it feels personal. If the game had been just the conversation you’ll likely get on your second playthrough, I don’t think it would have the same impact. Instead, the game deftly and efficiently uses its first playthrough to put you in the right emotional space. That way, you can better understand and approach the situation at hand the next time you experience the story.

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux

Developer: Angela He

Release: 20 May 2019

Concrete Genie

In Concrete Genie we meet Ash, a teen troubled by bullies, who, one day, comes across a magical quill that help bring his paintings to life on the landscape of his gloomy hometown, Denska. After losing pages of his notebook during an encounter with the bullies, Ash needs to retrieve the pages using his environment changing art powers and expansive parkour skills. Sporting some very colorful visuals and wistful looking characters, Concrete Genie looks to tug the heart strings with its charming look that will please the imaginations of both young and old.

The player controls Ash and uses the DualShock 4’s motion controls to create landscapes in the town of Denska. These landscapes turn into living portraits. How you paint creatures and what color you paint them will affect their personalities.

Platforms: PlayStation 4

Developer: PixelOpus

Release: 8, October, 2018

The Sojourn

The Sojourn is a thought provoking first-person puzzle game in which you traverse the parallel worlds of light and darkness in search of answers.

A classic story about light and darkness You are born into a beautiful, pure land, but everything is not as it seems. Darkness seeps through every crevice and forms the foundation of the world you live in. Open your eyes to the shadows of the world to uncover the hidden truth.

Platforms: XBox One, Playstation 4, Microsoft Windows

Developer: Shifting Tides

Release: 20 September 2019

Neo Cab

Stay human in a world overcome by automation. Play as Lina, one of the last human driver-for-hire on the streets of Los Ojos. Your friend and only lifeline has gone missing; with no money and nowhere to stay, the only thing you can do is keep driving. Choose what passengers to pick up and how you engage with them to learn their stories. Balance your own emotional wellbeing with the needs of your pax as you strive to keep your perfect rating, and your job. Maybe someone in this city can help you with your own story?

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, macOS, iOS, tvOS, iPadOS, Windows 10

Developer: Chance Agency

Release: 03 October 2019


MUTAZIONE is an adventure game where the juicy personal drama is just as important as the high-stakes adventure part of the story. Over 100 years ago, the meteor “Moon Dragon” struck a tropical holiday resort. Most of the inhabitants perished, while those who survived began to show strange mutations… The rescue missions quickly retreated, and those who remained in the mutating environment founded the small and isolated community of Mutazione. Fast-forward to modern day, where you play as 15-year-old Kai as she travels to Mutazione to help nurse her dying grandfather back to health. But things aren’t as simple as they seem… Nonno has other plans for Kai; secrets and betrayals simmer under the friendly community’s surface; and there’s a creepy bird-like figure who keeps on appearing in Kai’s dreams. They can survive an apocalyptic meteor strike, but can they survive their small-town drama?

Platforms: Playstation 4, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS Classic, Apple Arcade

Developer: Die Gute Fabrik

Release: 19 September 2019

Untitled Goose

It’s a lovely day in the village, and you are a horrible goose. Untitled Goose Game is a slapstick-stealth-sandbox, where you are a goose let loose on an unsuspecting village. Make your way around town, from peoples’ back gardens to the high street shops to the village green, setting up pranks, stealing hats, honking a lot, and generally ruining everyone’s day.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS Classic

Developer: House House

Release: 20 September 2019

Sprint RPG

The player proceeds through a dungeon by pressing on-screen buttons while defending themselves and attacking enemies. Playthroughs have a timer and upon executing the wrong action, a portion of the metre will deplete, thus giving the player even less time to progress. The timer stalls when the player executes the attack action at the appropriate time.

Platforms:iOS, Android

Developer: nitrome

Release: 11 June 2019

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Monster Hunter World did a great job of easing new players into the series, but it was arguably too easy for experienced players, who had to make do with stat-boosted “tempered” versions of monsters and the occasional difficult downloadable quest. With Iceborne, each new monster you find puts up a serious fight, making the campaign much more satisfying to work through. The expansion is explicitly aimed at high-level players, and it’s all the better for it.

Platforms:PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Developer: Capcom

Release: 06 September 2019

Heaven’s Vault

The search for a missing roboticist leads archaeologist Aliya Elasra and her sidekick Six into the depths of the Nebula where they live, and to the ruins of a lost age – and a discovery that will change things forever. There are hundreds of meticulously hand-drawn frames of 2D art are used within beautiful 3D environments to create detailed worlds and expressive characters.

Platforms:PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows

Developer: Inkle

Release: 16 April 2019


Control is also a very open experience. Its design is something of a mashup of Metroid and Breath of the Wild; you have a lot of freedom to explore, but some areas are closed off until you unlock the right ability or hit the next major story beat. It can be frustrating coming up against doors that are locked because you’re not at the right security level yet, but it at least makes some sense within the game’s fiction.

Platforms:PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Developer: Remedy Entertainment

Release: 27 August 2019

Astral Chain

ASTRAL CHAIN gives you full control over two characters at once for thrilling Synergetic Action, courtesy of PlatinumGames. Switch between several Legion types and skills to save the world your way. ASTRAL CHAIN features character designs by the acclaimed mangaka Masakazu Katsura (ZETMAN, Video Girl Ai), and marks the directorial debut of PlatinumGames’ Takahisa Taura (designer of NieR:Automata). Hideki Kamiya, director of Bayonetta and writer/supervisor of Bayonetta 2, provides supervision.

Platforms:Nintendo Switch

Developer: PlatinumGames

Release: 30 August 2019

FAR: Lone Sails

FAR: Lone Sails is a vehicle adventure game. The player needs to maintain and upgrade their unique vessel to traverse a dried-out sea.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, XBox, Playsation 4, MacOS

Developer: Okomotive

Release: 09 April 2019

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